Xtreme Drones™ is proud to announce the All Carbon Velocicopter™ Series Multi-Rotor.

The new Y6-70E, Q40E - 50E and H65E- 85E * from Xtreme Drones™ stand out from the rest. With the largest carrying capacity and highest speed of any multi-rotor aerial cinematography and surveillance system available, VELOCICOPTER™ captures breathtaking, high definition video from the air with extreme stability and performance. The landing gear arrangement with 2 axis camera gimbal mount provides unobstructed views to capture the extreme shot every time. Featuring our patented flight technology, the VELOCICOPTER™ aerial cinema package includes everything you need to do remote surveillance, mapping, and videotography with the most demanding cameras in a multi-rotor system - for true high definition professional video production.

VELOCICOPTER ™ Y6-70E, Q40E and Q50E, H65E and H85E models KEY FEATURES:

  • ALL Carbon purpose built aerodynamic multi-rotor frames
  • Live video streaming
  • GEO Maps in 3D with multi way point complete autonomous control
  • Dual pilot ready
  • Distributed architecture
  • JAUS and STANAG 4586 compatibility
  • Multi operators and multi UAV systems
  • Human factors, authority sharing, autonomy levels
  • VELOCICOPTER’S™ ship ready to carry payloads or cameras weighing up to 20 pounds
  • We can customize the system for smaller camera weight classes if desired
  • Flight times over 60 min available

* Patent PendingMade in the USA

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September 2012

Web site on Xtreme Drones nearing completion

June 2012

Design started on UAV recovery systems

May 2012

Xtreme Drone advanced neural net control system started
Work on rechargeable triple capacity Li Poly batteries for UAV begins

April 2012

Development work on Xtreme Drone Brushless Motors moving ahead

March 2012

First Carbon frames arrive

March 2012

Patent work for various systems underway

January 2012

Xtreme Drones formed as a result of 25 years of unmanned Systems work at Universal Secure Applications. Work on small UAV systems carried over from long past experience in unmanned, autonomous systems.

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